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Daddy Dearest
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Experience the magic of AI Music with our impressive Daddy Dearest Voice Model. This impressive AI Voice model is crafted from a cutting-edge technology known as Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC). With an extensive training period covering 300 epochs, the model captures the iconic voice of the Daddy Dearest character from the popular game "Friday Night Funkin" (FNF). Its RMVPE and TITAN pretrain attributes contribute to its unparalleled voice mimicking capability. Far from being a simple AI voice, it is an integral part of our AI Music range, equipped to produce sophisticated and engaging AI covers. Much like the intriguing Daddy Dearest character, its ability to replicate the voice provides an immersive auditory experience, breathing life into your AI music creations. Don't just take our word for it, come and witness the power of our Daddy Dearest voice model. At Weights, we invite you to explore our free AI tools and create stunning AI Covers or Text-to-Speech showcases. Step into the future of music with us, where AI Voice and AI Music are reshaping auditory experiences.

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