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Use a model to convert sung or spoken vocals to a new voice

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LA Beast (skippy62able)


Introducing the LA Beast (skippy62able) (RVC V2-TITAN Pretrain) (120 Epochs (RMVPE)) Model, a groundbreaking AI Voice Model from Weights. Featuring a robust mechanism for superlative voice rendition, this model bridges the gap between Artificial Intelligence and music. Using Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, the LA Beast model allows for precise voice conversion, with intriguing features that signify the frontiers of AI music. It's pre-trained on the TITAN platform for 120 epochs, expertly calibrated to exhibit reduced minimization of voice pitch error (RMVPE), enhancing its precision and sound quality. It's an unprecedented model in the RVC field, enabling users to create high-quality AI covers or use it for text-to-speech applications. Get more out of your music and voice projects using the LA Beast Model. Start creating AI covers or enhance your text-to-speech with our free AI tools today! Unleash the power of AI music with Weights!

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