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Quicky the rabbit (nestlé nesquik France)

Quicky the rabbit (nestlé nesquik France)

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RVC v2Français


Introducing Quicky the Rabbit, a remarkable AI Voice Model powered by the cutting-edge technology of Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC). With an enchanting vocal profile stemming from the cherished Nesquik mascot in France, this artificial intelligence driven voice model brings a unique charm to AI music and voiceovers. Remarkably versatile, Quicky can break into a jubilant jingle or narrate an engaging tale at your request. Designed with an intricate understanding of acoustic attribute matching, our RVC model presents an engaging and distinctive voice that captures the essence of Quicky the Rabbit. Boost your creative projects with AI Covers featuring Quicky, or utilize our Text-to-Speech innovation to generate captivating narrations effortlessly. Leverage the precision and articulation of Quicky, and elevate your user experience like never before. Start venturing today into the world of AI Music with Weights and add a magical touch to your content. Create your first AI Cover or experiment with our free AI tools at Weights for a transformative sound experience.

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