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Dua Lip

Dua Lip






Introducing the Dua Lip's AI Voice model, "Dua Lip (CREPE) (100 EPOCHS)", an advanced model from the Weights portfolio, meticulously fine-tuned over 100 epochs for accuracy and authenticity. Our model deploys cutting-edge retrieval-based voice conversion (RVC) technology, making the process of creating strikingly accurate, high-fidelity AI covers or Text-to-Speech samples effortless and efficient. Besides reproducing the incredible vocals of Dua Lipa, this model's capabilities extend to AI music, offering a revolutionary way to generate lifelike performances. With the Weights Dua Lip (CREPE) (100 EPOCHS) model, you are a step away from tapping into the vibrant future of AI music creation. Start creating breathtaking AI Covers or Text-to-Speech devises today with our free AI tools.Dive headfirst into this innovative world of musical possibilities today, only with Weights.

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