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Acheron - Honkai: Star Rail

Acheron - Honkai: Star Rail

EnglishRVCTTS / RealtimeFictional





"Dive into an audio wonderland with Weights' AI Voice Model - Acheron [EN] - an exceptional mixture of art and technology from the Honkai: Star Rail RVC model, RMVPE 40K series, trained through 165 epochs. Our advanced model has undergone a remarkable 22605 steps of training, evolving an 8-hop length for a seamless and authentic user experience. Drawing on 48 minutes of rich, detailed in-game dialogue, the model boasts a robust framework ideal for creating premium quality AI music. As a testament to our dedication to immersive technology, the Acheron [EN] model is brought to life with the engaging voice-over skills of CV: Allegra Clark. From generating mesmerizing AI Covers to offering a plethora of high-grade applications in text-to-speech, Weights' RVC model pushes the boundaries. Begin your journey into the futuristic soundscape now. Use our free AI tools to craft stunning AI Covers or lend a unique touch to your text-to-speech conversions. Create with Weights - where sound tech meets imagination."

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