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Lady Gaga (Chromatica)

Lady Gaga (Chromatica)






Introducing the Lady Gaga (Chromatica) RVCv2 [450 Epochs], a unique AI voice model brought to you by Weights. This model is a result of the seamless combination of the cutting-edge Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) Model and AI music technology. This allows you to create immersive AI covers that sound as captivating as Lady Gaga's distinctive vocals from her Chromatica era. Crafted meticulously through 450 trainings, or "epochs", in AI parlance, this model accurately captures Lady Gaga's iconic voice tones and range with impeccable precision. This model traces back to the remarkable work of @aiverse, credited for its creation, highlighting the use of Dry Stems for attaining an exemplary level of pitch accuracy. The model was created using a sophisticated Pitch Extraction algorithm, RMVPE, which ensures it retains the integrity of the vibrato and tone that Lady Gaga is renowned for. Get ready to create AI Covers or Text-to-Speech that truly echoes the spirit of Lady Gaga with our free AI tools. Tap into your creative potential - start generating unique content with Weights today!

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