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Alastor (V3) (Hazbin Hotel) (TITAN)

Alastor (V3) (Hazbin Hotel) (TITAN)



Introducing the Alastor (V3) model from Weights, a cutting-edge AI Voice Model designed to innovate the AI music scene. This model is a state-of-the-art product in our RVC ("Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion") series, created after four months of diligent work to ensure a seamless experience for users. The prized "RVC V2" technology employed in Alastor (V3) guarantees that it stands out in the crowded AI landscape. Trained on the mighty TITAN, and with a substantial 223 epochs, this model excels in generating clean, noise-free audio, an essential attribute for creating music. The signature feature of this model is the "RVMPE 32K", which contributes to intricately detailed, high-density sound output. The improved clarity in details such as breathing sounds underlines the sophistication our model offers. You can leverage this technology to create stunning AI Covers with unprecedented sound fidelity or use it for Text-to-Speech applications for a remarkable auditory experience. Don't wait - explore our free AI tools today and uncover the power of your creativity aided by our Alastor (V3) model!

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