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Defective Turret (Portal 2) (TITAN)

Defective Turret (Portal 2) (TITAN)



Introducing the advanced and meticulously designed "Defective Turret (V2) (Portal 2) (RVC V2) (TITAN) (243 EPOCHS) (RVMPE 32K)" AI voice model from Weights. This is a state-of-the-art model, computed through 243 EPOCHS, providing unparalleled performance in delivering high-quality AI voice conversion. Our model is trained using the robust RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) technology, ensuring superior speech synthesis and precise voice cloning, capturing the original nuances of the "Defective Turret" character from Portal 2. As part of the TITAN series, this AI model has been created with high precision and proficiency. Thanks to our proficient knowledge base and comprehensive training protocols, we've effectively revamped this model since its first version was launched five months ago. Make the most of this unparalleled opportunity to create phenomenal AI music and AI covers with this model. Moreover, you can facilitate powerful Text-to-Speech conversions with our top-tier, free AI tools. Unleash your creativity with Weights, your go-to hub for innovative AI voice and music solutions.

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