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Introducing "enayi", an advanced RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) model crafted by Weights, designed to flawlessly recreate the unique voice signature of 'Mal'. Our enayi model is the embodiment of cutting-edge AI Musical technology that fosters an unprecedented level of creativity in generating AI cover songs. Enayi is not only a voice duplication model, but also an innovative tool in the evolution of music production and AI-driven entertainment domain. The power to Create AI Covers using the distinctive 'Mal' persona rests in the hands of enayi, opening up endless possibilities for music enthusiasts and artists alike. If you're looking to transform the Text-to-Speech landscape or explore the realm of creating exclusive AI Covers across different music genres, utilise our free AI tools powered by Weights. Bring alive the spirit of 'Mal' in your creations with enayi today!

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