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Hades (God Of War 3)(TITAN)

Hades (God Of War 3)(TITAN)



Introducing the "Hades (God Of War 3)(TITAN) (RVC V2) (40k) (Rmvpe) (300 epochs)" AI voice model by Weights! This innovative model, trained over 300 epochs, is based on the iconic Hades from the acclaimed video game, God of War 3. The model was intricately crafted using the state-of-the-art Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, guaranteeing convincing and immersive AI music experiences. Perfectly calibrated over ~7:04 minutes, the model accommodates both male (-8) and female (-20) voices, taking advantage of the 32k sample rate. It employs the sophisticated Pitch Extraction Algorithm: RMVPE and effectively manages the batch size of 8 as well as a hop length of 64. This RVC model, trained over 40k, symbolizes the epitome of AI music technology, enabling you to create AI Covers with the distinct Titan touch. Dive into the intriguing world of text-to-speech conversion enriched with pre-trained Titan steps totaling 5.616k for a versatile sonic palate. Explore and experiment with our free AI tools today, and unleash your creativity by crafting riveting AI Covers. Experience the future of AI music with Weights.

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