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Kratos (God Of War 3) (TITAN) (32k)

Kratos (God Of War 3) (TITAN) (32k)






"Kratos (God Of War 3) (TITAN) (RVC V2) (32k) (Rmvpe) (150 epochs)" is an advanced AI Voice Model developed by Weights, designed especially for the world's AI music creators. This exciting RVC model is perfectly suited for creating AI covers using characters from your favorite action-adventure games like God of War 3. The Kratos TITAN AI voice model offers impeccable sound clarity with a 32k sample rate and features the cutting-edge pitch extraction algorithm, RMVPE. This model has undergone extensive training across 150 epochs, offering you superior performance in voice conversion. The recommended pitch is adaptable both for male and female voice applications, paving the way for a wide range of creative uses in AI music. Dataset and training protocols have been diligently crafted, making evidenced by the model's mark in the arena of Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC). The batch size and Hop length are precisely tuned at 8 and 64, respectively, to ensure efficient functioning. Join Weights today to experience the thrill of creating AI covers or Text-to-Speech projects for free using our innovative AI tools. Dive into the future of AI music with our Kratos TITAN RVC Model.

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