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Pusha T (Daytona Era Clean Vocals)

Pusha T (Daytona Era Clean Vocals)

RVC v2EnglishArtistcrepe





Introducing the "Pusha T (Daytona Era Clean Vocals)" AI Voice model, an epitome of modern AI Music, refined with clean Daytona session vocals for extraordinary audio experiences. This innovative RVC Model, developed by Weights, gifts you an unprecedented 15 minutes of pristine, unmixed vocals, tuned perfectly to the Daytona Era of Pusha T's discography. The model undergoes an exhaustive learning process with 500 epochs and around 31k steps, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in capturing its unique musical essence. The crepe hop length, set at 50, further enhances the model's superior voice conversion performance. With this AI Voice Model, you can effortlessly create AI Covers, thereby lending a distinct texture to your music, imbued by the iconic Pusha T (Daytona Era Clean Vocals). Dive into the world of AI music today and create text-to-speech renderings or AI covers using our free AI tools. Explore the limitless potentials of voice conversion with Weights, and unlock a whole new realm of musical creativity.

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