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GLaDOS (Portal 2) (TITAN)

GLaDOS (Portal 2) (TITAN)



Introducing our GLaDOS (Portal 2) (RVC V2) (TITAN) (255 EPOCHS) (RVMPE 32K) model: a top-tier AI Voice Model meticulously crafted by Weights. This model utilizes the state-of-the-art technology of Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC), replicating the distinctive voice of GLaDOS from Portal 2 with exceptional precision. We've designed this model using extensive training on 1.2 hours of high-quality audio data from the beloved game, ensuring an impressively accurate vocal conversion. The RVC model produces stunning AI Music, allowing you to create AI Covers that sound amazingly close to the original character. Given the significant training on TITAN with 255 Epochs and RVMPE enhancements, this model delivers superiority in AI voice conversion. Dare to recreate the legendary voice of GLaDOS? Use our free AI tools to create captivating AI Covers or text-to-speech projects and immerse your audience in a truly interactive experience. Dive into the world of AI with Weights today!

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