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Introducing 'EAS Tom,' our state-of-the-art Retrival-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) model. Powered by our advanced AI technology at Weights, this model was the authoritative voice for the National Weather Service before moving on to a new digital life. Now, 'EAS Tom' is primed and ready to aid creators looking to revolutionize AI music. By transforming human voice with striking accuracy, this RVC model creates captivating AI covers that echo the robustly calming elements of the original 'EAS Tom.' As a powerful tool in our AI arsenal, 'EAS Tom' transcends common voice conversion to offer a sound that respects the original while imparting its unique timbre. Don't be restrained by traditional methods of voice conversion; take your AI music creations to new heights with 'EAS Tom.' You can harness the power of our free AI tools to create mesmerizing AI covers or utilize cutting-edge Text-to-Speech technology. Dive into the world of AI music with Weights - your creativity has no limits here.

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