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Wheatley (Portal 2) (TITAN)

Wheatley (Portal 2) (TITAN)



Enjoy the highly sought-after AI Voice Model - "Wheatley (Portal 2) (RVC V2) (TITAN) (349 EPOCHS) (RVMPE 32K)". This exemplary model, created by Weights, is proudly developed on the cutting-edge Retrievable-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) platform with high fidelity. With a characteristically British intonation, "Wheatley" promises an authentic touch to your AI music projects. Utilizing an impressive one hour of data for training, this model captures the essence of Wheatley's voice with remarkable precision, making a seamless transition to create AI Covers. Moreover, this model holds the distinction of having possibly the largest filesize among all the models crafted by Weights, emphasizing the extensive work put into amassing voice data to develop this model. Looking to bring your AI music project to life with an idiosyncratically British voiceover? Check out our free AI tools today to create striking AI covers and groundbreaking text-to-speech audio projects with Wheatley!

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