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Introducing "🌜CatNap🐈‍⬛", a game-changing AI Voice Model crafted by us at Weights. The "CatNap" model gives life to a unique Poppy Playtime music experience by utilizing advanced RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) technology. This versatile model analyzes and recreates a distinctive, fun, Poppy Playtime-esque voice. Harness this cutting-edge technology to breathe life into your AI music and deliver an enthralling audio experience. From AI voice covers to Text-to-Speech applications, 🌜CatNap🐈‍⬛ model blends seamlessly into AI-centric music creations. Make the most out of our free AI tools to create mesmerizing AI covers and riveting Text-to-Speech applications. Journey the path of innovative sound with "🌜CatNap🐈‍⬛" and embody the future of AI music. Begin crafting unforgettable auditory experiences today with Weights.

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