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CraftyNap (Alternate)

CraftyNap (Alternate)

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RVCso-vits SVC 4.0RVC v2TTS / RealtimeFictionalEnglishOther LanguagesOG/SelfAnimeSinger


The "CraftyNap (Alternate)" model, a product of Weights, is a dramatically innovative AI voice model trained with a variety of clear, distorted character voices and sounds. An unmistakable part of its unique offering is its dynamic ability to create daunting AI music, inspired by the intricate interplay between numerous characters of popular engagements such as The Smiling Critters, Pibby Local 58, and Mandela Catalogue. This AI image model manifests a voyaging entity within CraftyCorn, gradually corrupting and blending with their presences one by one — from Nightmare CatNap to the last standing hero. This embodiment of untamed creativity is deeply influenced by the latest Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) model, giving it the ability to switch between different voices seamlessly. Are you a fan of AI-powered remixes? Can you imagine the thrilling surround-sound effects of Alternate-Fake CraftyCorn's cunning? If so, seize the opportunity to create AI Covers or Text-to-Speech projects with CraftyNap (Alternate) using our free AI tools, transforming the sphere of AI Music in ways yet to be seen or heard. Immerse yourself in the cryptic sounds of CraftyNap (Alternate) — the RVC Model defining the future of AI Music.

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