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VampBat (Poppy Playtime AU Rewriting)

VampBat (Poppy Playtime AU Rewriting)

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RVC v2Fictionalso-vits SVC 4.0OG/SelfRVCOther LanguagesArtistEnglishAnimeTTS / Realtime


Expand your AI music endeavors with the VampBat model from Weights, inspired by the Poppy Playtime AU rewriting. This unique AI Voice model, created with Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, entirely embodies a character that is a harmonious blend of versatile Toy and enigmatic Vampire Bat. Crafted as a smiling Critter OC, the VampBat AI Voice model offers a distinctive tone that resonates with both playfulness and mystery. It's engineered with the tale of a mastermind that innovated the prototype and led hazardous experiments, exemplifying a dual nature of creativity and daring. The character's intriguing backstory of aiding toys betray their creators in the critical hour of joy incident adds a captivating edge to the model. VampBat has the versatility to narrate whimsical stories, produce AI music, or create AI music covers with an alluring twist. Get playing with Weights' RVC Model to create arresting AI Covers or convert your text-to-speech with our free AI tools. Unearth the musical power of AI technology with VampBat and let your imagination take flight.

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