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E-gril (idk sowwy)

E-gril (idk sowwy)

RVC v2



Experience the revolutionary Weights' E-girl (idk sowwy) RVC Model, designed to digitally replicate the voice of a beautiful girl in an uncannily realistic manner. This AI-based voice model, coursing with 250EPH, poses a remarkable breakthrough in the world of AI music. Developed to redefine your concept of music, the E-girl voice model caters to your needs, whether you’re creating AI Covers or developing a Text-to-speech solution. Engaging deeply with the cutting-edge technology of Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC), it ensures a voice output that is both clear and authentic. Make the most of this incredible technological leap in AI music and let your creative juices flow! Dive into the future with Weights and explore the endless possibilities offered by our free AI tools. Transform your musical dreams into reality by creating AI Covers or Text-to-speech today. Let us weave your musical tale with the voice of Weights' E-girl (idk sowwy) RVC Model. Start now, and experience a world where art meets artificial intelligence.

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