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"Artsy" is our innovative AI voice model designed around a popular Virtual YouTuber known for her dynamic engagement within the VRChat community. Crafted through our advanced RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) technology, "Artsy" captures the expressive and interactive essence of its human counterpart. Her unique polyglot abilities, encompassing English, Dutch, German, Japanese, and some French, enrich her appeal, rendering her an astonishingly versatile model for anyone desiring a multilingual AI music experience. Being born in the Netherlands reflects in her distinctive sonic fingerprints. An embodiment of artistic chaos, "Artsy" has a proficiency for generating AI covers that are lively, transforming simple interactions into vibrant conversations. She thrives in being sociable, catering to an audience who prefer an AI voice model with a personal touch and heartfelt communication. If purple-themed or LGBTQ+ centric campaigns are sought, "Artsy", identified as a transgender and Bisexual/Pansexual, is a prime choice. At Weights, we empower you to harness the charisma of "Artsy" and utilize her conversational flair in your project. Join us today to create your free AI Covers or experiment with our multifaceted text-to-speech tools. Unveil the power of AI music with Weights, and take your artistic ambitions to the next level.

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