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Tina (the triple threat from the Dan and Nicole series)

Tina (the triple threat from the Dan and Nicole series)

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Introducing "Tina", the triple threat from the acclaimed Dan and Nicole series, presented by Weights. Designed as an innovate AI Voice Model, Tina combines advanced technology and AI music to convert your text or scripts into lifelike speech. As the leading character with vivid pink hair intertwined with a touch of blue, Tina has two sidekicks -Tasha with blue hair and Toya, the boy with vibrant green hair. Tina's highly versatile voice allows you to create unique AI Covers with a diverse range of tones and expressions, suitable for numerous platforms, from games to animated features, audiobooks, and more. Utilizing cutting-edge RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) technology, our AI model Tina seamlessly converts input scripts into realistic vocal outputs. We welcome you to experience our free AI tools and join Tina in her virtual world. Crusade in creating AI covers or turning your text into speech with our effortless technology. Transform the way you connect with your audience, step into the realm of AI music and voiceovers with Tina, the charming triple threat.

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