PC Restart Rant guy - Unknown epochs (possibly 250. idk why they never mentioned it)
261 epochsNon-Voice / OtherFictionalRVC v2English


Introducing our latest innovation, the RVC Model (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) Version 2 - an AI Voice Model that has undergone 261 epochs of advanced training. This cutting-edge AI music creation tool is the result of five layers of artificial intelligence models, working together to generate high-quality, customized sound output. With its sophisticated design, the RVC Model V2 excels in creating seamless AI covers and text-to-speech applications, tailored to your specific needs. At Weights, we're committed to pushing the boundaries of AI technology, offering you unparalleled access to state-of-the-art tools for all your creative projects. Take advantage of our FREE AI tools today and start exploring the limitless possibilities of AI-generated music and voice conversion. Don't miss out – join us at the forefront of the AI revolution!

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i have ideas

not doing them

idk why vocalremover didnt include dora's dadadada's in the start but included the ones half way through

rq do any of yall know if pitch guidance models can be used with realtime

i still have some of them left but im not sure if all of them will sound good and will be posted here


i need to know

idk probably

100th message uwu

101st Message

i was curious to try this out and see how it would sound

but u can still hear spongebob lmao


Wait- really??

I couldn’t find them

try this ig

I don’t count that


just why

this type of ai breeding is inhumane

It is glorious

basically this is ai having sex with another ai and making an ai baby

and then the ai baby (all grown up) having sex with another ai and making another baby

and the cycle repeats over and over and over again

its like you know how bunnies have sex all the time thats ai

adam and eve of the ai community

but its spongebob

be honest that's like 90% of the models here

most of the ones people ACTUALLY use are popular artists celebrities and mainstream cartoon characters with the occasional shitpost models

alright who deleted their messages

to go all the way to 45

jokes aside the effect is kinda sick

it actual;l;y still sounds a bit like the funny yellow sponge

this model:

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