Blitzo (From Helluva Boss)
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From the creator

"Thanks to for the dataset and cleanup. Used 10 minutes and cleaned up for the model. If you use please credit me and my AI Cover Channel:"


Introducing the Blitzo (From Helluva Boss) RVC v2 Model, engineered using the advanced Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology by Weights. With 290 meticulously trained epochs, this cutting-edge AI voice model brings the iconic character Blitzo to life like never before. Ideally suited for applications such as AI music creation and crafting AI covers, it delivers unmatched accuracy and precision when generating unique and engaging vocal performances. Developed using high-quality datasets sourced from Helluva Boss and fine-tuned through rigorous post-processing procedures, this innovative model guarantees impressive results every time. Discover new possibilities with our state-of-the-art text-to-speech capabilities—begin creating your own AI covers or harnessing the power of synthetic speech today, all effortlessly utilizing our intuitive and user-friendly free AI tools at Weights! CTA: Experience the future of audio production – explore our free AI toolkit now to create AI Covers or transform any written text into lifelike speeches instantly! Visit us at <>

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Voice Demo:

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Singing Demo:

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Nice It sounds good! we should do a side by side comparison between our models lol

I would be interested in trying out. Is there a song you are interesting in having both model sing through?

Hmm welcome to the internet?

good choice sent a pm about it.

Here is the raw recording using harvest of welcome to the internet.

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

Heres with mine

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

I just put this together mine is in the left ear and yours is in the right

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

Made another sample with my Blitzo Model.

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

I'm posting this with all my models. Once RVC v3 comes out I will be retraining with the og datasets. Stay tuned.

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