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"Me from when I was 5 years old 5 minutes 13 seconds of data Crepe 200 epochs"


Introducing the RVC Model - '5 Year Old Me Kits.AI Crepe 200 epochs'. This unique AI voice model captures the essence of a 5-year-old child, providing you with authentic and adorable audio outputs. With this model, you can generate AI covers or even transform text into speech that sounds like it came straight from a young child's mouth. Our cutting-edge technology creates realistic and engaging content, making your projects stand out. Ideal for various applications such as storytelling, entertainment, and education, try our free AI tools today! Proudly brought to you by Kits.AI – Your trusted partner in innovative AI solutions.

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Ballin' test (mandatory)

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

I'm white btw

Boy Or Girl?

this is such a random model

Tf is this shi bru ☠️

it's me when I was five

but why

Where Did These Samples Come From?

a video i made when I was 5

Video Link?

i will tell you sometime. keep wondering

what was the reason for making thiss 😭

its so weird

here is the dataset

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

Is This Supposed To Be A Tutorial?

most normal bfdi fan 🗿

i was playing a game online

What Game Was It?

bros so full of questions

it's I Dont Even Know

literally. the game is called "I Don't Even Know"

i watched DanTDM and Markiplier at 5

So Your 5 When The Game Came Out?

the game was around in 2014

the game was released 2008

asking who wanted this would imply that anyone would even consider wanting a model maker's voice at 5 years old in this 345k member server

there's a lot of models here nobody wanted but was made anyways

yeah but it's personal content nobody would even know it exists beyond a family or circle of friends

probably the most interesting model I've seen on here nice job

so? genuinley who cares

is it just me or you sound like the Roblox "Can I haz Cheezburger" sound effect 😭

The world needed this fire

people should be able to post whatever here lol

even if its like your old ass baby videos

ngl its funny

I posted a model of myself from 2013 a while ago

I kinda wanna do a model of myself from when I was like 9

Yeah i made a model of my myself ~10-12 a while back

I just made one of myself when I was like 9

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

i dare you to make AI 5 yo. old me sing Just Not's Journey from TPOT 6 about 4 minutes into the episode

make it say mm chezburger immediately

bad apple but the lyrics describe what is happening

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