The kid laroi (Kits AI)
300 epochsRVC


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"been wanting to share this one for a while"


Introducing the Kits AI RVC Model for 'The Kid Laroi' - a state-of-the-art AI voice model designed specifically for creating incredible AI music covers! This advanced Crepe model has been trained over 300 epochs, resulting in highly accurate text-to-speech capabilities. With it, you can easily transform your favorite The Kid Laroi songs into personalized AI covers, all thanks to our powerful yet user-friendly AI technology.

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Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

if this gets enough πŸ”₯ ill post hugging face link

the tone on this model is INSANE

was this trained on studio sesh's?

i only use sesh's

and i know how to mix ai

request models and you might be satisfied

badly need the HF link for this lol

well i need more than on like

i might release tmrw i will dm you the link

add me

and the whole admin team said i was not good enough to make models

or i can leak you the data set

like rn

i added you dm me

if only i was still staff

you my man would be model master today

after these 2 bangers

thx manz

i wouldn't mind if that happened who is staff just tag them here

theyre gonna blab about a criteria

i wouldnt

wait till applications and apply and just show these 2 or sum lol

why you not staff


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