Speed/Jolteon (MickeyMario64's Eeveelution Squad Fandubs) - R


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Introducing the Speed/Jolteon RV2 Model from Weights, an advanced AI Voice Model compatible with Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology. This unique model captures the lively and energetic personality of MickeyMario64's Eeveelution Squad Fandubs character, Speed/Jolteon. With its impressive performance after 200 epochs, the Speed/Jolteon RV2 Model delivers highly accurate and natural-sounding text-to-speech capabilities. Ideally suited for creating engaging AI covers or implementing realistic AI music experiences, this RVC Model offers unparalleled flexibility and creativity. At Weights, we empower creators like you by providing access to cutting-edge AI tools. Unleash your imagination – start crafting AI covers and customized text-to-speech creations today using our FREE AI tools at weights.ai. Remember to credit MickeyMario64 when utilizing the Speed/Jolteon RV2 Model!

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