ASMR (274 files)
140 epochsTTS / RealtimeRVC v2


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"I like to call this ASMRVC. Probably the best hour and a half i ever spent making this. Not a singing model. For the realtime voice changer application use pitch 11. Credit not required. Model: Link moved check below."


Introducing our latest innovation, the ASMR (RVC v2) - a state-of-the-art AI Voice Model specifically designed for creating mesmerizing ASMR sounds and text-to-speech applications. With 274 files and 140 epochs, this powerful tool harnesses the capabilities of Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) Technology to deliver highly realistic and soothing audio experiences. Ideally suited for music enthusiasts, podcasters, and creators alike, the ASMR (RVC v2) offers unparalleled potential for generating AI covers, custom soundscapes, and more. Immerse yourself in the world of AI-generated ASMR and unlock new possibilities for engaging your audience. Transform existing compositions into captivating AI covers or create immersive text-to-speech narratives tailored to your unique needs. At Weights, we empower creativity by providing access to advanced artificial intelligence technologies, setting the stage for innovative breakthroughs in voice conversion. Experience the future of voice synthesis today – explore the endless opportunities offered by our cutting-edge ASMR (RVC v2) and start crafting stunning

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why yall reacting with skulls i ain't down bad

there we go updated

its still showing the same link for me

oh does it need to be like this?

i sent u the wrong image lol

ohhhh ok

there we go its fixed again

my bad again ive used huggingface before but i didnt think to include the zip in the link

another issue its seems it should be a "resolve" before the "main" part of ur link not a "blob"

this link works

omg im dumb as bricks my bad

i didnt see the download button

there we go that should do it


I think skulls mean they don't like it or find it disturbing although it sounds half-realistic it's somewhat uncomfortable to listen to alone

could be both honestly idfk

thank you for making this model i know what im boutta do today


bro made a asmr ai make asmr winky next

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