Gabherelol/Little Prince (myself)


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"Gabherelol (myself lol) 100 Epochs first model I trained by myself Sources: Model"


Introducing the Gabherelol/Little Prince (myself) RVC v2 Model - a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence voice model trained over 100 epochs using Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology. This advanced AI model captures the unique vocal characteristics of its creator, providing highly personalized and natural-sounding outputs. With capabilities ranging from creating AI covers to text-to-speech conversions, this powerful tool harnesses the power of AI music and transformative speech technologies to deliver engaging user experiences. As a retrieval-based voice conversion model, it specializes in converting input voices into those resembling the original speaker's timbre while preserving linguistic information – resulting in astonishingly realistic audio. Developed through rigorous training processes and incorporating innovative deep learning techniques, the Gabherelol/Little Prince (myself) RVC v2 Model sets new standards in customizable speech generation. Join Weights at the forefront of cutting-edge AI development and explore endless possibilities with our FREE AI tools designed for both aspiring creators and seasoned professionals alike! Seamlessly generate professional-quality AI covers

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Gabherelol (myself)

Oops forgot audio sample

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

I had to change the Pitch to 10 for this one

You got a nice voice lmao

Someone else said that too lol

Gabherelol (myself) (RVC V2 100 Epochs)

markiplier doesnt suck

I must’ve missed a word

I meant to write “MARKIPLIER DOESNT SUCK!”

how do you forget a word

I probably have dyslexia or smth

"or smth"

dyslexia doesnt do that

you cant miss an important word

I know what smth means

yeah i know

we do too

But can we not argue on here?

Who is this “we” you are talking about?

me and you

both know what smth means

Gabherelol (myself) (RVC v2 100 Epochs)

Video removed in response to copyright claim.

Gabherelol/Little Prince (myself) (RVC v2 100 Epochs)

I will make a bigger dataset when I get access to my laptop in another country

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