Optimus prime (transformers G1)


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"Created by me again cause im THAT good ( also please credit me when using this as @unkownspecify2793(yt)/@Blackarachnia (has g1 tf models)(dc) and i reccomend him for speaking since he cant hit the high notes but is good in older songs."


Introducing the Optimus Prime (G1) RVC Model from Kits.ai, your ultimate solution for creating AI music and covers! This advanced AI model is developed through numerous epochs, designed to generate authentic and top-notch audio inspired by the classic Transformers series. Whether you're looking to produce speech, sing like Optimus Prime, or even cover old Transformer tunes, our user-friendly platform has got you covered. Give it a try and explore the endless possibilities of AI-driven sound generation with our FREE text-to-speech and AI cover creation tools.

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This is what happens when he hits high notes

however this is much better

also this is very diffrent from the other models since this is his earlier voice in g1 and the others are his current voice

I wish you did it outside kit as well.

well i still have the audios i used for training i used kits cause if i used rvc it would sound worse.

Isn't it the same system?

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