Fnaf 2 Song Voice (The Living Tombstone)


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"Made by me Inspiration: and I'm making free commissions but I only make one model per day dm me if you are interested."


Introducing the Fnaf 2 Song Voice (The Living Tombstone) RVC V2 Crepe - an advanced AI voice model developed using Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology. With this state-of-the-art model, you can experience realistic text-to-speech capabilities like never before, allowing you to create AI covers and other audio projects effortlessly. Trained over 400 epochs, this AI voice model captures the unique style and sound of The Living Tombstone's iconic cover of the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 song, providing endless possibilities for your creative endeavors. At Weights, we offer cutting-edge AI tools, including this remarkable RVC Model, completely free of charge. Unleash your imagination and start creating stunning AI covers and innovative audio projects today! Join us now and discover how easy it is to revolutionize the way you approach music creation with Weights' top-notch AI technologies.

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Video removed in response to copyright claim.

Well trained however the voice does have a minor quality error with the voice being downgraded due to the dataset containing only the echoed version of the voice.

Have you tried using the voice from the FNAF 3 song to improve the sound of the voice since its the same voice?

I will do a v2 model and i will use that voice thanks for the suggestion

Do you refer to Die In A Fire???

elle monty?

cause the actual singer of Its Been so long is Aviya Dor Kolan

I thought it was the same singer. Nevertheless it might be useful to see if Aviya Dor Kolan has other songs she sang and retrain with those vocals to help improve the audio.

Since the google drive link for this isn't working I'm working on another one

+Nevermind can't find any acapellas for her songs plus she has very little songs most in Japanese

It should still be fine.

Rvc doesn't care about languages just the voice itself.

True but like I said she has like 6 songs and I'm too lazy to find out how to make an acapella

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