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"Since he "completely" retired for now on How about y'all gonna do AI covers of him singing female anime songs he hasn't covered. Note: It's my second free model on kits (2/2) my first free model was Maon Kurosaki (which I stated 2.0) Model:"


Discover the incredible capabilities of our latest RVC Model, designed in honor of the renowned musician Nathan Sharp, also known as NateWantsToBattle. With his powerful vocals and emotive performances, Nathan has captured the hearts of many music enthusiasts worldwide. Now, you can create AI covers of Nathan singing using our advanced Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology. Our state-of-the-art AI Music model enables you to generate captivating and authentic-sounding covers featuring Nathan's unique voice style, ensuring your audience enjoys an unforgettable listening experience. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we at Weights have meticulously crafted an AI Cover creation tool like no other, empowering musicians, producers, and creators alike. Take advantage of our cutting-edge text-to-speech tools by creating AI covers and transforming text into mesmerizing speech within minutes, all completely free of charge! Explore new creative possibilities with our RVC Model while staying connected with Nathan Sharp's gorgeous voice. Begin your journey by clicking the link below to try out our fantastic free AI Tools today!

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I really hope that Nate is doing OK after his retirement.

But my question is: Is he a bad person or is he rather chill?

Na-haw he's not but I think he might continue on music just for special occasions if he has time or not

Saw him in concert Didn't know the songs since they were from his new album and no covers.

He was great nethertheless so I'm guessing doing the tours and making songs tired him out.

Are you going to do one outside kits?

I can't do RVCs besides I'm on mobile if it's possible to make a model on mobile

Here's all my Nate covers:

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