Unikitty (Unikitty!) Tara Strong
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"This actually the second Unikitty from the CN show voice model I just decided to make it better and it's way clearer than the old Unikitty voice model I posted can't wait to see what ideas you guys come up with this. Edit: It's now available in RVC now no limitation for using this"


Introducing our improved Unikitty! voice model from the Cartoon Network show, powered by the advanced RVC v2 technology. With increased clarity and quality, this model is perfect for creating unique AI covers and text-to-speech content. Now available without limitations, unleash your creativity with Kits.AI's innovative tools.

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Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

Credit is optional but also appreciated.

Nice model (tho I prefer her voice from the movie)

I kinda agree with you the voice from the movie more adlut like.

yeah i just feel her movie voice fit her a lot better

though it may also be childhood bias

it feels wrong hearing Tara Strongs voice come out of any character that ISN'T Twilight Sparkle

Unikitty (Unikitty!) Tara Strong 250 epochs Kits.AI RVC v2

This was made using the new RVC v2 model I made there's also a reverb in the voice.

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

The model was removed because tara strong doesn't want her voiced cloned.

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