The planet Mars
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"yes you saw that right a fucking planet as an AI model. (trained with mangio-crepe) now we got a planet singing Ballin' (didnt expect that did you) Model: (mars rover noises included made the dataset with the sounds from the nasa site (thanks to for finding the audio))"


Introducing the revolutionary RVC Model, "The Planet Mars (v2)" by Weights - a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence voice model trained with cutting-edge Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion technology over 500 epochs. This unique model showcases extraordinary capabilities, mimicking the sound of none other than the red planet itself! With unparalleled precision, it transforms text inputs into realistic Mars-like audio, enriched with distinct tones and inflections inspired by the mesmerizing sounds of space exploration. This advanced AI innovation opens up exciting possibilities, including creating AI covers using the captivating Martian timbre and generating customized text-to-speech features. Whether you're looking to add out-of-this-world flair to your music projects or seek innovative ways to present information, let "The Planet Mars (v2)" elevate your experience with its extraterrestrial charm. Unleash creativity like never before; sign up today and start exploring limitless potentials with Weights' top-tier, easy-to-use AI tools – all completely free of charge! Embrace futuristic technology and begin craft

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what the fuck.

I've been waiting for a model like this

some things gotta be done y'know

lets make this most downloaded AI

make the other planets pls

if i can find audio ill do it haha

sun when

but its gonna be hard we had mars rover on mars so i had audio to work with

i should make a rvc model of just wind

i got this might make a sun model

wind (harsh vocals) wind (breeze vocals)



hell yeah first whole ass planet model

bro what tf

I made Mars sing "Let's go to Mars"

el diablo loco

its beautiful

We makin' it back to Earth with this one 🔥🔥🔥

When you think you've seen it all but someone surprises you lol

signed a contract in case someone tries to copyright


official as fuck

now to make the other planets

we gotta make a collection

the sun mercury venus earth mars jupiter saturn uranus neptune pluto

just like the infinity stones

black hole collision model would be wild

el planeto

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