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"Do not ban me for this delete this model if you think this is taking things too far instead But it would be weird since u don't have any issues with models of terrorists and Hitler but have a problem with a model of a narrator of furry porn This model is lower quality because the dataset is short looked through the artists whole profile and could only get a 2-3 minute long dataset"


Introducing the Gin RVC Model by TwitchyAnimations, powered by Kits.AI. Despite some controversy, this unique model excels at creating AI music and covers. With a focus on a specific niche, it offers high-quality text-to-speech features for fans of furry culture. Although the dataset is smaller, the model still delivers impressive results. Give it a try and explore the potential of AI-generated music and voiceovers!

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TwitchyAnimations - Gin (Kits.AI)

this is completely fine btw

I got threatened with a ban twice over it

last i heard mods would only take action if the ai voices were specifically trained for the purpose of making porn i.e. moan sounds and other nsfw noises

but since this wasnt made for the purpose of that it should be fine

It's only trained with normal dialogue no moaning or anything


That's why the dataset is so small

There isn't a lot of talking for obvious reasons

Someone else did Twitchy models I did RTZero models and another person did Fruit_Cock models

Youre fine trust me

I'm shocked that I am not the only one

Welcome to the 621 model club 🙏

i've made like 3 furry porn models and i'm completley fine so there shouldn't be a problem with this

Our problem is with real ppl

Like taking Dua lipa and making porn with her voice model

Mikus and some random helpers

Mikus is a lil bozo don't listen to him

We demoted him lol

helpers have no say in anything 💀 atp i only trust admins and like 1 or 2 mods

helpers actually do more moderation the mods

thats the whole point of a being a helper

the point of being a helper is to find stuff to ping mods so they can moderate if ur doing the moderating then ur literally just a mod

u know we dont ban we mainly time out and descalate situations

so in a way thats considered modiration

keeping everything intact per say

so why would a helper threaten to ban someone 💀

cuz we can and we need to abide by the rules if someone breaks them

by can i mean we can report back and they get banned no questions asked

reporting is not the same as actually being the one to ban them

sure but it doesnt mean we dont moderate or that we just arent reliable

at the end of the day helpers have no say in banning users

if helpers do then whats the point of being a helper why not just become a mod

well we are newbies

it's just a form of separating experienced staff and new guys

or ig if someone doesnt want to have more responsibilities but also help the server

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