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"BadBoyHalo (Minecraft Youtuber) (Kits.AI) (300 Epoch)"


Introducing the Badboyhalo RVC Model by Weights - a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence voice model specifically tailored to the popular Minecraft YouTuber, Badboyhalo. Developed using Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, this advanced AI tool accurately mimics Badboyhalo's unique vocal style, enabling you to create incredibly authentic and engaging audio experiences. The Badboyhalo RVC Model boasts exceptional performance after undergoing rigorous training of 300 epochs, ensuring high-quality output suitable for various applications. With this powerful tool, you can generate captivating AI covers and transform text into speech in Badboyhalo's signature tone, making it perfect for content creation, gaming commentary, storytelling, and more! Discover new possibilities and elevate your projects with the versatile Badboyhalo RVC Model from Weights. Join us at Weights today to explore our FREE AI tools designed for creating AI covers and converting text-to-speech effortlessly – delivering unparalleled results and enhancing user experience.

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he finally swears

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

deleted 2

Badboyhalo (Minecraft Youtuber) (Kits.AI) (300 Epoch)

Trained with audio from a stream might include some keyboard sounds but should be clean for the most part Didn't feel like cleaning up the audio

Model was temporarily deleted thats why there is no prior message


Model is going to be deleted today to be retrained with a better dataset

train with colab kits sucks kalomaze

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