BSHAP (Aka the Angry Birds rap guy)


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"there are two audio previews of the model in this post. both are singing and talking samples. credit me if you use this"


Introducing BSHAP (The Angry Birds Rap Guy) RVC V1, an innovative AI voice model by Weights that leverages Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology. With 239 epochs of training, this model has been fine-tuned to sing and talk just like the viral sensation behind the Angry Birds rap. Whether you're looking to create AI covers, text-to-speech messages, or any other form of synthetic media, BSHAP RVC V1 offers unparalleled accuracy and personalization. Experience how our cutting-edge AI music technology transforms your content into engaging and realistic renditions. Ideally suited for musicians, producers, developers, and hobbyists alike, BSHAP RVC V1 brings together advanced machine learning techniques and deep knowledge of musical styles to deliver exceptional results every time. Transform your projects and ideas using our powerful, easy-to-use AI tools today. To get started, simply visit our website to try out our free demo, where you can experience firsthand what makes BSHAP RVC V1 such a unique offering. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize the way

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just wait until i try to make a cover with this model and then make a melodyswap of the ab theme in it 🧌

and we're launching and we're crashing

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