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"Used my Morgana dataset from my first model that I made for Uberduck and the first one I believe that was taken down by a DMCA on that site and trained it using RVC v2 48k. If you use please credit me and my AI Cover Channel: Download"


Introducing our latest RVC Model, "Morgana (Persona 5)" - a state-of-the-art AI Voice Model powered by Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion technology. This enhanced version 2 model has been trained using a high-quality Morgana dataset from Persona 5, resulting in a highly realistic and expressive voice sample. With 345 epochs of training, this model offers improved performance over its predecessors, delivering exceptional audio fidelity and accuracy. Our Morgana (Persona 5) RVC Model excels at creating AI covers and text-to-speech applications, offering limitless possibilities for creative expression and innovation. Imagine generating your favorite songs as AI covers or converting written text into lifelike speech with just a few clicks! The opportunities are endless, making it the perfect tool for musicians, writers, developers, and hobbyists alike. At Weights, we're dedicated to providing cutting-edge AI technologies to empower creativity and streamline workflows. To get started, try out our free AI tools today to create AI covers or generate text-to-speech samples instantly. Discover how easy it is to unlock new levels

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Singing (Dry)

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Singing (High)

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Singing 2

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Singing (Dry)

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Singing (Dry, High)

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Warning when posting content online: Morgana's VA has been trigger happy in terms of DMCAing others who use Morgana models on youtube. If you want to do it safely mention that its not her voice but instead a different VA in the description and pinned comment to get her off your back.

Speaking demo: Transpose 12:

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

Singing voice: 12 Transpose:

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

so basically just blatantly lie and i'll be okay?

πŸ˜ƒ πŸ‘

They lied about the videos (AI covers etc) not being fair use and them doing other shady stuff so we're just using their tactics against them.

Though this might be a good time to post that Morgana last surprise scuttlebutt remix you were thinking about.

Are they DMCA-happy like Atlus or anti-AI?


I would argue the former she was one of the first who DMCAed her voice off the uberduck site.

Most of the Atlus Persona covers are taken down by said VA getting their fans to report the upload and/or DMCA the upload themselves.

Atlus usually doesn't care since they are owned by Sega and haven't issued any DMCAs on Voice covers to my knowledge.

Your username gives it away that your scuttleposting.


nice morgana

it's rather unfortunate people like that exist

Karma comes sooner rather than later. Hopefully they will one day wake up and embrace it... (When most of us are in charge of doing audio mixing and they are desperate for voice work).

It makes sense from their side

Imagine your voice just get copy and people can use it to make whatever they like. Of course they won't like it too much

Whenever they do own the characters voice or not is another issues

If she could she would make her own RVC model and have them pay her to use it with the agreement being her having the final say if she wanted.

Thats where the hypocrisy comes in.

You are not her though

So yeah with current status it would be better to out right not mention the VA or post it anywhere but YouTube

They don't bother supporting rules that prevent those stuff and instead make themselves look like jerks.

Its why Erica had blacklash against her. Getting people to take down a video doesn't solve anything you make things worse.

If your so concerned PM the people asking to take down the video and ask them not to use the voice. A kind PM to anyone can go along way compared to sending people after you (just ask Erica and Aimee (Loona's and Milla VA) where the former left twitter and the latter couldn't file it properly and made herself look like a giant jerk)

None of the VAs are bothering to contact anyone and its part of the problem of making themselves targets.

Anyway back to Morgana

Technically one can use it as a fire emblem model too

Yup and there also in a strike. If I was you I would either post them unlisted or share it privately or never post it. I rather not have toxic Twitter Ai supporters and toxic Twitter voice actor supporters attacking me or the voice actors themselves.

The toxic twitter crowd usually goes away if a comment is mentioned claiming its not the OG voice actor.

When I did it with the Milla video after the DMCA was removed due to being incomplete I added a comment saying it wasn't the OG voice actor and the dislikes vanished a few hours later and it was never mentioned again.

Now they don't have anything to fight over.

and the VA doesn't have anything to mention.

It shows how dumb these people are these days. And have these beliefs without researching about ai

You still doing that cover you kept mentioning?

decided i'm not even gonna risk it

i don't even like Persona that much πŸ’€

What cover?

"the scuttlebutt" sung by Morgana

Do you know if the fanfucks report/DMCA tweets?

If you use the warning here they will most likely leave you alone.

Why does this fit so well?

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

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