s1mple (Ukrainian cybersportsman, streamer)


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"17 minutes dataset from podcast Recommended value of tune 1 2"


Discover the advanced "s1mple" RVC v2 Model, specifically tailored for Ukrainian cybersportsmen and streamers. With 400 epochs and trained on a 17-minute dataset from a popular podcast, this AI voice model delivers exceptional performance and accuracy. Leveraging Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, it transforms text into lifelike speech, retaining s1mple's unique vocal characteristics while ensuring natural sounding output. Our sophisticated s1mple RVC v2 Model also excels at creating AI covers – replicating voices for various applications such as music generation or impersonations. Enhance your content by incorporating personalized AI-generated voices effortlessly, providing endless creative possibilities. As pioneers in Artificial Intelligence technology, we invite you to try Weights' user-friendly AI tools for yourself! Experience seamless text-to-speech conversion using our cutting-edge s1mple RVC v2 Model or explore AI cover creation options today - all available for free through our platform. Start revolutionizing your digital experience now!

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This model failed processing - generated sample are not available


а ссылочку можно?

wait 1 minute

модель имбулька 🔥

where is model?? why download is .index file??

where is model??

send model pls

send model pls

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