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"I made this a model because the remote model I heard in This is BFB but everyone sings it sounded really weird so this is actually a take on Remote. Approximately 9 minutes and 35 seconds long with three acapellas."


Introducing the "Remote/ female US (BFDI) 250 epochs" model by Weights - a cutting-edge AI Voice Model designed for Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology. With this advanced model, users can experience incredibly realistic and natural sounding voices for various applications. Based on the voice of a popular character from Battle for Dream Island (BFDI), this female American English model underwent rigorous training using RVC techniques for 250 epochs to ensure exceptional audio quality. This powerful tool enables creators to generate AI music covers and text-to-speech outputs effortlessly, providing endless possibilities for personalized projects. Whether you're looking to produce engaging educational content, captivating marketing materials, innovative gaming experiences, or unique musical compositions – the "Remote/ female US (BFDI) 2

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I made the This is BFB but everyone sings it video :O

Wow I didn't expected you to comment on this what do you think of the model?

I think it sounds pretty swell

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