Literally every Windows 10 Sound
Non-Voice /


From the creator

"tbh i forgot the epochs i just guessed its probably correct Probably can be used both instrumental and vocals All the sounds came from my computer"


Introducing the RVC Model by - transforming your computing experience into AI music! Forget ordinary soundtracks; dive into the world of artificial intelligence and generate unique covers using 'Literally every Windows 10 Sound'. With over 280 epochs refining this innovative tool, harness it for creating AI covers and text-to-speech masterpieces. Ideal for both instrumental and vocal projects, tap into built-in versatility powered by the magic within your own device.

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Ballin Sample:

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

LowTierGod Sample:

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

i genuinely forgot what is windows 10 sounds like

ill dm you all the sounds then ๐Ÿ’€

i made a folder on my computer for it


All of your models are "literally" to everything.

because its non voice

its the joke

people make modsls out of everything

so they put literally

in the title

Yeah literally this literally that...

lots of people do it why are you going after me

its how ai hub works

That's right.

so why are you mad about this

I'm not mad but I must warn you: don't put the "literally" to your model titles next time. Lots of people will lose the joke.

lots of people do get the joke though

theres lots and lots of models that have literally in the model title

so i dont know how this would affect it

its one model above all the others

Hmmm... You're right after all.

what do you mean "literally all X in X" is pretty self explanatory and im not even native


that sounds clearer than most of my actual human models ๐Ÿฅฒ

i mean its weird because its literally every single windows sound on my computer

now i wanna know what a model with ALL windows sounds would sound like

every single version?

yeah no thats gonna take like lots of my time

i have WAAAY too much free time

i have lots of model ideas

random ones

like crunching

food in mouth crunching


anime girl ๐Ÿ’€

tv sound effects

people from the woody show

bob tom and josh from the bob and tom show

those were lots of categorys

like hand clapping

2 hands together

oh shit out of context though

"literally me having sex - RVC v2 1 000 Epochs"

i would use that

i would use the model

someone needs to make a bsod model

with like lots of bsod crashes

theres lots of compilations on youtube


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