Park Jimin
ArtistKoreanso-vits SVC 4.0


From the creator

"made by me 24000 steps epoch 834 171 clips model"


Discover the Park Jimin - 24K Steps AI Voice Model, the latest innovation from Weights. Crafted using cutting-edge Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, this advanced model delivers stunningly realistic text-to-speech and AI music capabilities. With over 171 carefully curated clips and meticulously trained through 2,4000 steps and 834 epochs, this model captures Park Jimin's unique vocal style like never before. Effortlessly generate AI covers of your favorite songs or convert text into speech that resonates with Park Jimin's distinctive sound. Explore the future of entertainment and unlock endless creative possibilities – try out our FREE AI tools today!

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This model failed processing - generated sample are not available


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