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"All RVC V2 Mangio Crepe 64 Hop models are made by me (Except One RMPVE Model). Batch Size 6."


Introducing CrimsonZockt's Model Collection, your premier destination for advanced Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) Models. These state-of-the-art models, including the latest RVC V2 Mangio Crepe 6

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I retrain 300 Epochs for Arnold Schwarzenegger tomorrow.

Everyone! New samples will be added to retrain with Mangio-Crepe when RVC V3 come out (or maybe not for long). bryska: California Boy (jjerk) Miss Americana (prod. by Mark Neve) Margaret (Małgorzata Jamroży): Cudowne lata (projekt BABIE LATO) Tańcz głupia Noa Kirel: Provocativit - פרובוקטיבית Oki: FRESH AMK (ft. Bibič) FURIA47 (ft. Kinny Zimmer) HA HA HA (ft. Mata) Kizo Mood (ft. Kizo) Waka Flocka (ft. Otsochodzi & Young Igi) Smolasty: Papito (ft. Kizo) Young Igi: All Songs from amfisbena (ft. Żabson) All Songs from Bonus EP Albo Jest Zajebiście Albo Jest Smutno (ft. Oki) (IDK if i already have) CZARNY KOT (ft. TUZZA) List do mamy (ft. Urboishawty) NA FORACH (ft. rusina) PILL CRUSHER (ft. Pako) Poj**ane Stany (ft. Otsochodzi) Waka Flocka (ft. Otsochodzi & Oki) Złote rybki (ft. Białas) Young Leosia: Jeden dzień Kici meow (ft. ReTo) New song samples will be added updating for the future.

Ralph Kaminski RVC V2 model will be train for 300 epochs.

Sorry Guys All of my RVC V2 models will be retrain with Mangio-Crepe.

Probably a better one for sure.

I'll make a better dataset For bryska Margaret Noa Kirel Oki Smolasty Young Igi & Young Leosia.

I hope you understand.

I'm not using official crepe for training because Mangio-Crepe does winning.

RVC V3 will not be releasing.

I'm retraining Arnold Schwarzenegger Chanel Daria Marx Dawid Kwiatkowski Doda Giovanna Grigio Loreen Oskar Cyms Roksana Węgiel Sandra Nurmsalu & Viki Gabor

I think Alizee Ani Lorak Damiano David Sobel & sanah should be retraining for a many hours.

Before Vito Bambino RVC V2 model All of the RVC V2 Models that are made by me are retraining with Mangio-Crepe.

Chanel RVC V2 model finished retraining into Mangio Crepe 64 Hop.

Tomorrow retraining with Mangio-Crepe: Dawid Kwiatkowski Loreen sanah Still making better bryska improved dataset to retrain.

Tomorrow retraining with Mangio-Crepe: Brodka bryska (Improved Dataset) Oki (Improved Dataset) Sobel

Tomorrow retraining with Mangio-Crepe: Damiano David Margaret (New Samples) Noa Kirel (New Samples) Ralph Kaminski Might gonna make better Young Igi's dataset.

Tomorrow retraining with Mangio-Crepe: Ani Lorak Smolasty (New Samples)

Still improve Young Igi's dataset.

Then after that I Improved Young Leosia's dataset as well.

Then it's all over. Time to make new models with this.

I have to cleaned up Arnold Schwarzenegger's dataset too with UVR.

Tomorrow retraining with Mangio-Crepe: Arnold Schwarzenegger (Cleaned Dataset) Huening Bahiyyih

Haven't done improving Young Igi's dataset.

After this Young Leosia.

Young Igi RVC V2 model retraining is on hold.

Juanpa Zurita RVC V2 model training tomorrow.

The Last 2 retraining Huening Bahiyyih & Young Leosia before Vito Bambino

I was still improving Young Leosia's dataset yeah.

Jakub Gierszał Lusia Chebotina Masha Kondratenko & Opał added to Upcoming Models List.

Austin Reaves And Maria Ozawa added to Upcoming Models List.

MAYOT added to Upcoming Models List.

Bovska added to Upcoming Models List.

Someone did MZLFF RVC V2 model

Ignacy added to Upcoming Models List.

New Link!

UPDATED: Daria Zawialow Ewa Farna & Sylwia Grzeszczak added to my models list.

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