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"(CREDIT ME IF USED ANYWHERE just a "made by ame1997 on the AI HUB discord server" works ) we needed an egor model so badly . this is specifically 2017-2018 egor made off vocals from the 2017 album and the 2018 album . its a 48k model dataset was silence truncated and curated by me and me alone. His signature 2017-2018 mic effects are in it and IMO it sounds great but im aware there are issues and slight noise sometimes this wasnt an easy model to make at all."


Introducing the Egor Shkutko/Егор Шкутko 2017-2

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This model failed processing - generated sample are not available


and the samples are: m19 [kei]'s "KING" and m19 [kei]'s "Inochi ni Kirawarete iru"

if u wanted to know

oh and wake up


ill listen later

am in sxhool

doesnt sound that bad tbh

by the data i had it turned out great

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