[OLD] Ruvyzvat (Friday Night Funkin / FNF / Mid-Fight-Masses)


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"Trained with Crepe! I did selever someone did rasazy then why not ruv? Also with the selever someone told me he was too overtrained and needed to train 60 or less but limit in kits is 100 so... not perfect model is bad Made by: (me) See more: Selever (by me) - Rasazy (by IDontKnowMyUsername) -"


Discover the RVC Model, an AI voice model specifically designed for creating AI music covers. The RVC Model named 'Ruvyzvat' is inspired by Friday Night Funkin / FNF / Mid-Fight-Masses and has been trained using Crepe for 100 epochs at Kits.ai. Although it may have received minimal training compared to other models like Selever or Rasazy, its uniqueness shines through. It might not be perfect due to being slightly overtrained, yet its distinct sound sets it apart. Try out our free AI tools today to create your own AI covers or text-to-speech content effortlessly.

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ruv moment

Well time to make Sarv now

Ruvyzvat (Friday Night Funkin / FNF / Mid-Fight-Masses) (RVC V2 - 100 Epochs) (kits.ai)

Screw it I can't do Sarv The ai is still trying to speak/sing.

[OLD] Ruvyzvat (Friday Night Funkin / FNF / Mid-Fight-Masses) (RVC V2 - 100 Epochs) (kits.ai)

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