Introducing Ryan Magee, the latest advancement in artificial intelligence voice modeling by Weights! As one half of the dynamic duo known as the SuperMega Funny Brothers, Ryan's distinctive vocal style has been meticulously recreated using Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) Technology. Our state-of-the-art RVC Model V2 boasts 350 epochs of advanced training, delivering incredibly accurate text-to-speech capabilities and even allowing you to generate impressive AI covers of your favorite tunes. Imagine hearing Ryan narrate stories, share jokes, sing songs, or bring life to your written content like never before. With our cutting-edge AI technology, the possibilities are endless. Explore the world of limitless creativity - sign up now to effortlessly create AI covers and seamless text-to-speech experiences utilizing our powerful free AI tools from Weights. Optimize your content today and unlock new dimensions in user engagement!

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This model failed processing - generated sample are not available


another model in the works and coming soon

are you gonna make a model of the rapist

fuck don

im only doing m&r

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