Haruna Ono (SCANDAL) ["2015-present" era]

Haruna Ono (SCANDAL) ["2015-present" era]

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A model of Haruna Ono the lead vocalist and guitarist of SCANDAL (Japanese rock band) made by me She changed her singing style due to her vocals health I don't know what to call this era call it modern idk. RVC V2 500 epochs 48khz RVMPE Samples used: Aquat Timez - Alones YOASOBI - Idol Justin Bieber - Love Yourself FIFTY FIFTY - Cupid Kessoku Band - Seishun Complex Download Links Drive: HF:


Wrong file lol here's the cover

Also an improved video version of "Idol" will be uploaded later

A beautiful speech from Haruna 💗

I just realized how terrible the mixing on this one lmfaooo

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