Squidward Tentacles, Classic


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"Trained on crepe using ~5 minutes worth of data from some Wii game"


Introducing the Squidward Tentacles (RVC v1) 1000 Epochs, Classic - the latest advancement in AI voice modeling from Weights. Harnessing the power of Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC), this innovative model delivers incredibly accurate and natural sounding text-to-speech capabilities. Trained on crepe with approximately 5 minutes of audio data from a classic Squidward Tentacles performance in a Wii game, the model perfectly captures his unique tone, inflections, and personality. With this cutting-edge RVC Model, you can now generate AI music, create AI covers, and experience truly authentic synthetic voices. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your creative process – try our free AI tools today and bring your ideas to life!

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Singing (Dry)

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Singing (High)

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Singing 2

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Singing (Dry)

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Singing (Dry, High)

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Squidward Tentacles (RVC) 1000 Epochs


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example 2 (real acapella used to convert)

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who hurt bro lol


Full length version for the gamers.

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Has anyone gotten the mangio fork working with crepe training? I can use any other method to train in the mangio fork but crepe does not. It says the module doesn't exist even with the folder in the directory.

This is the error preventing me from training.


check my buble post lol

The one about what errors you are getting?

It seems to be an issue with it failing to import torchcrepe even if you git clone it into the RVC directory.

I already did pip show torchcrepe and it says its installed so this is extremely frustrating.

I got crepe to work check dm's

We both got crepe working locally I'm currently training a patchy the pirate model on crepe to 1k epoch. Hopefully it turns out good!

you got crepe training working locally?

i only have inference working

it gives me some syntax error

Here's my first local inference on my locally trained model for patchy holy shit that sounds just like him! I tested it with an audio clip of patchy not included in my dataset. ( I didn't remove the music so it glitches at the end.)

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

I can show you how to get local training working just hmu when you have about 4-5 minutes of free time it shouldn't be too hard too fix now that I know how to fix it.

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

And here's one I did myself


is it just the torchcrepe issue? I had a different one where it seemed to complain about some syntax issue

Does it say which .py is creating the error?

File "C:\Users\Kalo\Downloads\RVC-crepe-fork\runtime\lib\site-packages\gradio\routes.py" line 321 in run_predict output = await app.blocks.process_api( File "C:\Users\Kalo\Downloads\RVC-crepe-fork\runtime\lib\site-packages\gradio\blocks.py" line 1006 in process_api result = await self.call_function(fn_index inputs iterator request) File "C:\Users\Kalo\Downloads\RVC-crepe-fork\runtime\lib\site-packages\gradio\blocks.py" line 859 in call_function prediction = await anyio.to_thread.run_sync( File "C:\Users\Kalo\Downloads\RVC-crepe-fork\runtime\lib\site-packages\anyio\to_thread.py" line 31 in run_sync return await get_asynclib().run_sync_in_worker_thread( File "C:\Users\Kalo\Downloads\RVC-crepe-fork\runtime\lib\site-packages\anyio\_backends\_asyncio.py" line 937 in run_sync_in_worker_thread return await future File "C:\Users\Kalo\Downloads\RVC-crepe-fork\runtime\lib\site-packages\anyio\_backends\_asyncio.py" line 867 in run result = context.run(func *args) File "C:\Users\Kalo\Downloads\RVC-crepe-fork\runtime\lib\site-packages\gradio\utils.py" line 408 in async_iteration return next(iterator) File "C:\Users\Kalo\Downloads\RVC-crepe-fork\infer-web.py" line 460 in extract_f0_feature cmd = config.python_cmd + " extract_f0_print.py %s/logs/%s %s %s" % ( TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting```

I actually got that error at some point.

Not sure I asked gpt4 and got this as an answer: The error message you provided indicates a TypeError caused by a string formatting issue. The problematic line is: python Copy cmd = config.python_cmd + " extract_f0_print.py %s/logs/%s %s %s" % ( In this line you're using the % operator for string formatting but it seems that you're not providing the correct number of arguments to be substituted into the placeholders (%s). To fix the error you need to ensure that you provide the correct number of arguments. Here's what you can do: Identify the number of placeholders (%s) in your string. In this case there are 4. Make sure you provide the same number of arguments after the % operator. It seems the arguments are missing so you need to add them. For example if you want to replace the placeholders with variables a b c and d you can modify the line like this: python Copy cmd = config.python_cmd + " extract_f0_print.py %s/logs/%s %s %s" % (a b c d) Make sure to replace a b c and d with the actual variables or values you want to use in the formatted string.

I might just send you my RVC folder as I have a lot of space and bandwidth on my google drive.

so what did you do to fix it?

But before that try replacing your extract_f0_print in your main dir and tell me what happens?

That was an error I think that happened to me along side crepe not being loading due to a module error. I know how to fix that error but not sure what I did to fix that one.

I only edited these two pys to fix it.

this was a gradio error you fixed right?

or something else

Well this was what I added to the beginning to get mine to work. # implement pip as a subprocess: subprocess.check_call([sys.executable '-m' 'pip' 'install' 'torchcrepe']) Basically once it starts feature extracting this code runs and makes sure torchcrepe and dependencies in the environment are working once I clicked feature extraction It installs that stuff first however it glitches out after that and you have to close the python console and restart it after removing that line of code as it is only needed one time.

well for now I'm gonna upload my Mang rvc folder for you to test and see if it works.


ill test this in a bit

if it doesnt work

ill dl ur folder

It's up if you need it:

Thanks for this I'll try it out

Let me know how it goes!

idk which way is better but chatgpt recommended to add 1 line to the infer web script which was a sys append to the rvc folder and that honestly fixed everything since it helped identify where dependencies were installed

you posted a wall of code that I couldnt find in infer-web.py unless im dense

my bad I just realized it goes to a different script. I'll be right back

sys.path.append(r'path\to\Mangio-RVC') that line of code goes right above import torchcrepe in the "extract_f0_print.py" script


did they fix the memory leak stuff in the new commits today?

I haven't checked today's update waiting on others to confirm if it's worth updating

I don't think it's fixed per the info on the webpage I read

laptop 3060 6gb vram 64 crepe size is training just fine on 5 minute dataset. and quickly too

1 epoch per 3s ish

weird as hell because on this same dataset with those same settings it was 5s per epoch on an a4000.

something changed postively for sure

(and yes the models are exporting and inferring fine)

Squidward Tentacles (RVC v1) 1000 Epochs Classic

patchy singing how bad can i possibly be sounds like a reality i will make when this is posted

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