Irys (Hololive EN VSinger) (Speech model)
420 epochsE-CelebRVC v2EnglishJapanese


From the creator

"This model was trained on 50 minutes of cleaned dialog from the stream Sample: 40K RVC V2 RMVPE"


Introducing the Irys Hololive EN VTuber Speech Model, powered by Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) Technology version 2 and Residual Vector Quantization with Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation (RMVPE), trained over 420 thorough epochs. This advanced AI voice model boasts exceptional clarity and precision, having been trained on 50 minutes of refined dialogue from the popular Hololive EN virtual singer, Irys. Experience seamless text-to-speech conversion emulating Irys' unique vocal patterns, ideal for creating realistic AI covers using Weights' cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools. Unlock new possibilities with your favorite AI music companion – try out our free AI cover generator and text-to-speech creator today!

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This model failed processing - generated sample are not available


Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

theres an irys model alr is this better?

but no singing audio?

No singing audio this one is primarily a talking model.

Can compare the two samples; personally I made this because I didn't think the other one sounded much like Irys.

Oh the name was because that's her classification in hololive

Irys Hololive EN Singer (RVC V2 RMVPE) (420 epochs) (Speech model)

Irys (Hololive EN VSinger) (RVC V2 RMVPE) (420 epochs) (Speech model)

Might be a little scuffed but tbh even though it's a speech model I do still like some of what it can pull off with singing. (overlayed over Roki by Milkyqueen)

Audio removed in response to copyright claim.

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