Lovelia (Trouble Days)
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"Made By Me & (Model's files are in the folder with the same name) If you want to commission a vtuber or anime character AI model DM"


Introducing Lovelia (Trouble Days) (RVC V2), the advanced AI Voice Model by Weights that transforms text into speech using Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology. This sophisticated model allows users to generate natural-sounding voices, making it perfect for various applications such as creating AI covers or text-to-speech systems. With its exceptional accuracy, Lovelia (Trouble Days) (RVC V2) delivers human-like speech while ensuring seamless integration with your projects. Commission a virtual YouTuber today and experience the power of cutting-edge AI music technology. Try out our free AI tools now and witness the transformation!

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( Demo:

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Updated the model

made using the rvc model

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