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":39 min Made by Trained by Sampling rate: 48k Model:"


Meet Zezão, your new favorite Youtube personality from Brazil! This advanced RVC V2 Model has been specifically trained on Zezão's voice, allowing you to generate realistic and engaging AI covers and text-to-speech content in Brazilian Portuguese. With over 200 epochs of training, this AI voice model captures the unique nuances and intonations of Zezão's speech, making it perfect for creating personalized messages, social media videos, and more. Try out our free AI tools today and start exploring the limitless possibilities of AI music and audio creation with the Zezão RVC V2 Model.

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Singing (Dry)

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Singing (High)

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Singing 2

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Singing (Dry)

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Singing (Dry, High)

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Zezão (Youtuber -Brazilian Portuguese) RVC V2 - 200Epoch

Zezão (Youtuber - Brazilian Portuguese) RVC V2 - 200Epoch

this just reminds me there is no kermit model

sad I'll see if I can do it the trick will be to do it in English 💀

this is a good model btw

thank you I'm glad you liked it too bad it's not from the voice actor who made the kermit in the dubbed version it's just a model of a YouTuber who uses him as an avatar in vr chat you gave me a great idea I'll make it from kermit

I'm making a model rn I'm hoping it goes well

it's of her


ah since you're doing it I won't do it then good luck and I'll be waiting!

no no I'm making a differen't model not kermit

I would if I wasn't currently making this one

oh well I thought you were making a model of kermit bruh 💀

embed fail

idk why gifs break here

ok I'm going after movies to be able to cut scenes well I wish I could do the Brazilian dubbed version but I think you would prefer the original version a thousand times over right?

The original Kermit deserves love since Elmo made it before him lol

I do enjoy seeing the different country's dubs of characters but I personally feel like the og character should be posted before a dub that's just me tho

ok I will go after the movie in English to remove lines from it!

Oki don't over work yourself ^^

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